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Business Computer Repair Greenwood, IN

Here’s an example of a recent business computer repair job we did in Greenwood, IN.

One of my business clients had a problem with their main computer system not coming on. The fans inside the case were running but the computer itself would not boot up.

The plastic retention device that holds the CPU cooling fan in place had broken off behind the motherboard! The cooler was sitting on the bottom of the computer case when I opened it up.

Here’s a few pictures of the old stuff, the new stuff, and the computer back in operation.

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Commercial Business Computer Repair Greenwood, IN

If you need your commercial or business computer repaired in the Greenwood, IN area, give us a call! Call or text 317-888-2220 – or you can email us at

We are your #1 choice for all computer repair, upgrade, software, and servicing needs. One of the most common types of business computer problems is slow system performance due to spyware and virus infections that you may not know about. We can remotely scan and service your business computer system from our offices during after-hours. This allows us to fix your computer without disturbing your day to day business functions.

Sometimes, as in the case above with the computer fan falling off inside the case, computers must be brought to us to be fixed. We also can pick up and deliver your computer if you need. Just give us a heads up and we can make the necessary arrangements to have your computer picked up, fixed, and dropped off again to your office.

If you’re having any sort of slow system performance or other weird things affecting your business productivity on your computers, FiXiT Computer has got you covered!

Greenwood Indiana Computer Repair Experts

FiXiT Computers – Providing Reliable Computer Repair You Can Trust

When you use FiXiT Computers, you can count on reliable and trustworthy service. We have been in the game for years offering our clients the many services that we provide. It doesn’t matter how big, small, common or odd your issue is, we will be able to help you fix it.

We understand how important it is that our customers are able to trust us. We work hard to keep our customers happy with our work. We take extra measures to explain what needs to be done before we charge them for it. This ensures that there are no surprise charges for the customer. After we explain the repairs that will need to be performed, we will then go to work to carry out those tasks.

In the event that we find a new problem while we are working on your computer, we will speak with the customer to make sure they understand what will need to be done in order to get everything working properly. The process that we use allows us to maintain great relationships with our customers which we are very proud of.

If you work with us, you can be sure that you are getting the very best service that you can count on. Reliability is important to us and once you start working with us, you will see that.